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"The Alamo" Film soundtrack (2004) Low whistle, pennywhistle, great bass recorder, fife, native American flute, wood flute (featured soloist)

"The Lion King" Original Broadway Cast Album (1997) Wood flutes from the Americas, China, India, panpipes, bass panpipes, flute, piccolo (featured soloist - 1999 Grammy Award)

"Blackwater Lightship" Television film soundtrack (2004) Irish Flute, pennywhistle

"Union Street" Erasure (2004) Wood Flutes, Bagpipe drones

"The Rookie" Film soundtrack (2002) Pennywhistle, wood flutes, low whistle, great bass recorder (featured soloist)

"The Truth About Charlie" Film soundtrack (2002) African wood flute

"Bardo" Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors (2002) Wood flute, flute, recorders

"In This Life" (2002) Chantal Kreviazuk Alto Flute, Flute

"Freedom: A History of US" PBS documentary soundtrack (2002) Flute, piccolo, wood flute, fife, recorder, pennywhistle

"House of Red" (2001) wood flute

"Anywhere I Wander" Liz Callaway (2003) Woodwinds

"Dragontales" (2001) Panpipes, pennywhistle

"Christmas Stays The Same" Linda Eder (2000) Wood Flute, panpipes

"Dancing with My Soul" (2000) Neshama Carlebach Shakuhachi

"Solid Gold Vol. 3" Avi Fishoff (2000) Wood Flute

"Revival" Sam Harris (1999) Panpipes, wood Flute

"The American President" PBS documentary soundtrack (1999) Flute, piccolo, fife, wood flutes, native American flute

"P.T. Barnum: America's Greatest Showman" PBS documentary soundtrack (1998) woodwinds

"Precious Waters" (Narada Sampler: 1995) Dizi, Native American flute

"The Circle of Fire" Cari Cole (2001) Native American Flute, panpipes

"For Once" Jeff Kievit (1999) Wood flute

"Blinding Bright" Stickman Jones (1998) Irish Flute

Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (1995) Flute

"The Quest Of The Dream Warrior" David Arkenstone (1995) Dizi, recorder, flute, piccolo

"The Child In Me Vol.2" Jamie deRoy & Friends (2000) Dizi, ocarina, soprano recorder, tenor recorder

"Chess: The Musical" Broadway Cast Recording Flute, piccolo, clarinet

"The Mystery of Edwin Drood" Broadway Cast Recording (1986) Flute, piccolo, clarinet


"Felicity: An American Girl Adventure"

PBS mini-series: "The American President";

PBS mini-series: "Freedom: The History of US"

Discovery mini-series "P.T. Barnum, America's Greatest Showman"

Hallmark Theater "Blackwater Lightship"

American Playhouse "Into The Woods"

Andrew Lloyd Weber's "Requiem"


"The Alamo" - Score by Carter Burwell. (Featured Soloist: Low Whistle, Pennywhistle, Irish Flute, Fife, Native American Flute, Panpipes, Wood Flutes, Great Bass Recorder)

"The Rookie" - Score by Carter Burwell (Featured Soloist: Wood Flute, Low Whistle, Pennywhistle, Great Bass Recorder)

"The Truth About Charlie" - Score by Rachel Portman (Wood Flutes)

"Mona Lisa Smile" - Score by Rachel Portman (Tenor Recorder, Great Bass Recorder)

"The Gangs of New York" (advisor on Irish and American woodwinds)

"Every Word is True" Score by Rachel Portman (Wood Flute)

"The Last Holiday" Score By George Fenton (Chinese Flute)

"The Lovers" Score By Michael Montes (Chinese Wood Flutes, Japanese Wood Flutes, Shakuhachi)

"Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" (Advisor to composer Carter Burwell on American woodwinds)

"Down At The Tracks" - Score by Peter Calandra (Celtic Woodwinds, Great Bass Recorder, Alto Flute, Flute)

"Saving Face" Score by Anton Sanko Easter Island Music. (Flute, Bass Recorder, Saxophone) Due Spring 2005

"Spelling Bees" Score by Pete Nashel - Duotone Music. (Alto Flute, Bass Recorder, Flute) In production.

"Wake Up Call" Score By Human Music. (Ocarinas, Panpipes, woodflutes, Bass Harmonica)

"Tuesday: The Movie" Score by Lloyd Landesman. (Bansuri - indian flute) Release 12/04

"Forget Me Not" Score by Sacha Gordon. (Panpipes, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Flute, Alto Sax)


NY Contractors: Michael Keller; John Miller; Sandy Park; Jill Dell'Abate; Emile Charlap;

Sanford Allen; Red Press; Jim Hynes; Mel Rodnon.

NY Music Production Companies and Composers: J.S.M.; Elias; Big Foote; RMI Robert Miller; Crushing; Snyder; tomandandy;

Duotone; James & Assoc.; Bang; Sacred Noise; Baron & Baron; Skylab; N.Y. Noise; Mad Monk; Rave; Yessian; Rocket; Fluid;

McHale-Barone; Score; Amber; David Horowitz; Jeco; ZEN; Mike Whalen; Great Immediately; Michael Karp; Kalehoff;

Richard Fiocca; Michael Levine; Mambo; Michael Starobin; Joel Goodman; Push; Music for Picture; Pulse; Lloyd Landesman;

Easter Island; Sascha Gordon


Soloist. Partial list: Avis, Priceline.com, Vioxx, Coke, Mercedes-Benz, Irish Spring, Gatorade, Kodak, Heineken,

Travelocity.com, Ford Trucks, Thermasilk, Crest, Chevy Trucks, Hallmark, E*Trade, FedEX, Audi, AMEX, Bank One, Pzier,

Visa, Tahoe, I Love NY, IBM, Caterpillar, Lycos.com, Yupi.com, Leisuretime.com, Fox Sports, Outback Steakhouse, Ambien,

Carnival Cruises, Fisher Price, LL Bean, Blue Cross, Exxon, AT&T, BP, Disneyland, Chase, Texaco, Range Rover,

National Geographic, Cadillac, Andersen Consulting, Sony, MasterCard, Bounty, Zurich Financial, Folgers, Bacardi, Dow, Vlasic,

Royal Moroccan Airlines, Fanta, Asti Spumante, JC Penny, IAMS, Eagle Foods.


The Lion King; Riverdance On Broadway (sub); Miss Saigon; A Christmas Carol; Into the Woods; Chess; Teddy and Alice;

Drood; Harrigan N' Hart; Baby; Pacific Overtures (1984)


The Philip Glass Ensemble; Metropolitan Opera; New Jersey Symphony; American Symphony;

Opera Orchestra Of NY; Colorado Philharmonic; Aspen Festival Orchestra.


Diploma of Performance Classical Flute 1981, Manhattan School of Music.

Bachelor of Music in Classical Flute performance, Manhattan School of Music 1992.

Other studies at The Juilliard School, Bowdoin College, Hunter College, Aspen Festival.