Coke - 2010 Superbowl - Stimmung/RMI

Mercedes - RMI

Snickers - 2015 Super Bowl - Q Department

Lincoln - jsm

The Ladders - 2010 Olympics/2009 Superbowl - RMI

Morgan Stanley China - Yessian

Coke - 2009 Superbowl - Stimmung/RMI

"Think With Your Dipstick ... Jimmy!!" - jsm

Audi - humanmusic - demo

Bacardi - duotone audio

Pepsi - 2012 Superbowl - humanworldwide

GE - Sacred Noise

American Independent Commercial Producers Show 2015 - Q Department

Sharp - tonefarmer

Film clips and links

"The Rookie" - Carter Burwell's Site (click on "audio samples")

"The Alamo" - Carter Burwell's Site (click on "audio samples")


"The Dilemma" (Lorne Balfe & Hans Zimmer)

"Warlord" - (a terrific 12 min film on youtube)

The Great Inca Rebellion

Here are some wonderful full length films on the net - 

"No End In Sight"

Why We Fight

"Saving Face"

Click on these links to hear/view some of my youtube video performance

"Hector The Hero" - Scots Air

"Davey's Morrison's"

"Boneparte's Retreat"

"The Lion King" 15th Anniversary Broadcast On Good Morning America

"The Lion King" 1998 Tony awards

"The Lion King" 2008 Tony Awards

"The Lion King" He Lives In You on "Rosie" 1998

Some new Album Work

"As Normal As Blueberry Pie" - Nellie McKay (just track "Black Hills of Dakota")

"Where The Wild Things Are"

"Celtic Grace" - Composer - "O'Riley's Grave", wood flute/whistle

Film And Television On DVD

"Where The Wild Things Are"

"The Alamo"

"The Rookie"

"Molly - An American Girl

"Felicity" - An American Girl


"The Blackwater Lightship"


"The Truth About Charlie"

"Into The Woods"

"The Last Holiday"


"The Love Guru"

"The Hunchback of Notre Dame"

"The Night Listener"

"Bee Season"

"Saving Face"




"As Normal As Blueberry Pie" - Nellie McKay

Wood Flute on Phil Collins "Tarzan" album

Guest artist and arranger for the classical trio Aureole album on Koch Classics. My composition "O'Riley's Grave", an adaptation of the Celtic air O'Rahilly's Grave. For Low Whistle, Irish Flute, Flute, Viola, Harp.


"Where The Wild Things Are" Score By Carter Burwell

"The Love Guru" Score By Chris Hajian (and others)

"Journey To The Stars" Score By Robert Miller (Hayden Planetarium Skyshow)

"The Lost Son Of Havana" Score By Robert Miller

"The Last Mermaids" Score By Joel Doeuk

"The Nanny Diaries" Score by Mark Suozzo (Panpipes, Kena, Wood Flutes, Bass Recorder, Alto Flute, Bass Flute)

"Teeth" Score by Robert Miller (Wood Flutes, Panpipes, Bass Recorder)

"Infamous" Score by Rachel Portman (Wood Flute) fall '06

"The Night Listener" Score by Pete Nashel - Duotone Music. (Alto Flute, Bass Flute)

"The Last Holiday" Score By George Fenton (Chinese Flute)

"The Lovers" Score By Michael Montes (Chinese Wood Flutes, Japanese Wood Flutes, Shakuhachi)

"Saving Face" Score by Anton Sanko, Easter Island Music. (Flute, Bass Recorder, Saxophone)

"Bee Season" Score by Pete Nashel - Duotone Music. (Alto Flute, Bass Recorder, Flute)

"Why We Fight" Grand Prize Winner Sundance Festival 2005. Score by Robert Miller, RMI. (Wood Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Wood Flute)

"The Alamo" - Score by Carter Burwell. (Featured Soloist: Low Whistle, Pennywhistle, Irish Flute, Fife, Native American Flute, Panpipes, Wood Flutes, Great Bass Recorder)

"The Rookie" - Score by Carter Burwell (Featured Soloist: Wood Flute, Low Whistle, Pennywhistle, Great Bass Recorder)

"The Truth About Charlie" - Score by Rachel Portman (Wood Flutes)

"Mona Lisa Smile" - Score by Rachel Portman (Tenor Recorder, Great Bass Recorder)

"The Gangs of New York" (advisor on Irish and American woodwinds)

"Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" (Advisor to composer Carter Burwell on American woodwinds)

"Milarepa" Score by John Lissaeur. (Nay Flute)

"Madison Rye" Score by Michael Tremante

"No End In Sight" (2007) Score by Pete Nashel - Duotone Music

"Sounds Like" (2006) Score by Anton Sanko, Easter Island Music

"Divergence" (2007) Score by Ronen Landa

"Tree Elves" (2006) Score by Andrew Lippa

"Warlord' (2007) Score by Michael Tremante


"Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front" Score by Chris Hajian (Flute, Sax, Clarinet, Piccolo, Recorder)

"Felicity: An American Girl Adventure" Score by Chris Hajian (American Fife, Piccolo, Flute, pennywhistle, clarinet) 12/05

"Black Water Light Ship", starring Angela Landsbury (Irish Flute, Pennywhistle)


Red Steel 2 Tom Salta

Stranglehold (Demo) Andy Brick


Tonefarmer: Sharp "Aquous" (Flute); Lipton "Green Tea" (Chinese Oboe, Wood Flute; Mastercard (fife); Visa/Disney (Ocarina); Mercedes-Benz (Middle Eastern Shawms

Robert Miller R.M.I.: Lucky Charms (Irish Flute, Whistle); Pepsi (Asian Flutes, Nepali Shawms, Asian oboes); Nintendo (Medieval Kortholts and Drones); Kodak (bird whistles, Scandinavian overtone flute, Ocarinas)

Elias: Oil of Olay (Flute); Coke (Recorder); I Love NY (Wood Flute, Pennywhistle); Audi (multiple woodwinds); MasterCard (Wood Flute, Low whistle, Reed flute, Pennywhistle); Irish Spring (Irish flute, Pennywhistle, Bagpipe Drones); Butterball (Wood flute, Bagpipe Drones)

Bigfoot: Breyer's (Flute); Verizon (Flute); Avis entire campaign (Jazz Flute, Bass Clarinet); Mastercard (Flute); Frito Lay (Flute);

Sacred Noise: GE (Flute); Viactiv (Flute, Sax); Bluefly (Alto Sax); Etrade (Ocarinas, recorder); Gevalia (Flute); Smuckers (Wood Flute); Oxford Health Plan (Native American Flute)

Human: Ms. Paul's Fish Sticks (pennywhistle, Boesn's whistle); Champion (Ocarina); Holiday Inn (Ocarinas, Bass Recorder); Juicy Juice (Flute);

Pulse: Visa (flute, picc)

JSM: Pearle Vision (Low Whistle); Budweiser (Bagpipes); Priceline (Jazz Flute);

David Horowitz: Johnson & Johnson (ocarina); Gallo Black Swan Wine (Panpipe, Bass and Soprano Ocarinas, Great Bass Recorder);

Duotone: Fisher Price (ocarinas, recorders, reed flutes); Mattel Shieldblaster (Japanese oboes and flutes)

Music for Picture: Proctor and Gamble (recorders and ocarinas); Carnival Cruise (flute, bass ocarina)

Amber Music: Mohegan Sun (Bass Panpipe); Mercedes-Benz (Wood Flute, Great Bass Recorder); Ambien (Wood Flutes)

Yessian (Detroit): Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, (Chinese Flute, Great Bass Recorder)

Bang: Olympics NY Demo Short (Panpipe, Bass Panpipe, Wood Flute)

Fluid Post: Verizon (Flute); Liz Claiborne (Bass Ocarina, Wood Flute, Bass Panpipe, Conch Shell)

Snyder Music: Kleenex (Flute, Fife)

Pink Noise: University. of Penn. Health Care System (wood flutes)

North Forty: Exxon Mobil (wood flute)

Face The Music: AOL (Piccolo, Flute)


"Celtic Flute Christmas" - Rob Arthur - Irish Flutes, Whistles, Recorders, Panpipes, Ocarinas

"I Just Wanted To Hear The Words" - Danny Aiello (Bass Flute)


"Road Movie" Score by Mark Suozzo (Wood Alto Flute, Alto Sax)

"Avoiding Armageddon" Score Productions - Gary Anderson Composer Airing on P.B.S. (Middle Eastern Shawms, Nay Flute, Great Bass Recorder)

Legacy (Right Track) Soundstage- NYC - Studio A509
Legacy (Right Track) Soundstage- NYC - Studio A509

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