I play on all the instruments listed below.  These are all the best quality professional instruments - and great people to work with.

Dana Sheridan Flute Company
I've been playing a Sheridan 14k gold instrument for over 20 years now - it's just part of me.
Kingma Flutes
I just purchased a Kingma & Brannen alto flute.  I feel these are the finest altos and "low flutes" being constructed today. 
Ararat Music - Duduks and other Armenian Woodwinds

Patrick Olwell Flutes

I play an Olwell six key Blackwood , known today as an "irish flute".  The sound is full, warm, and attractive.
The intonation is the best on any old style flutes I've played. I've been playing on his bamboo flutes for several years too, and consider them the best around.

Patrick Olwell
Historic Woodwinds
P.O. BOX 117
Nellysford, VA. 22958
Pat has no website but he does have Email:

Michael Burke Pennywhistle Company

I own a complete set of Michael's whistles.
They have a wonderful smooth sound, excellent intonation, and he is excellent to work with.
Michael Burke Pennywhistle Co.
389 Wells St.
Murphysboro, LI 62966

Tim Liu Chinese Flutes - Dizi

Tim imports the finest Chinese bamboo flutes I have played. They are very well in tune to a western A=440, and sound wonderful. I use them in Lion King, and previously used them in Miss Saigon and many other projects. He is also the author of a terrific guide for the Dizi.
His webpage is: http://www.2measures.com
Ararat Music: Duduks and other Armenian Woodwinds
These are truly outstanding instruments. The Duduks, Shvi (a 'shepherds' fipple flute), and the Bloul (a nay type flute), are top quality. Indeed, the best I've tried of their types. 

Jeffery Whittier Bansuri

Jeffery makes lovely Indian Bansuri, which are East Indian bamboo flutes. These tend to be lighter in weight than Pat Olwell's bamboo flutes, and as such I use them for different projects than Pat's. I use the Low A in Lion King, and I used other ones in Miss Saigon and many TV commercials. Jeff has no website but he does have Email: Bansijeff@aol.com

Tai Hei Shakuhachi

Monty Levinson makes truly wonderful shakuhachi that I have been playing now for about 14 years. Check out his website . There is an enormous amount on information about many facets of bamboo flute playing, as well as care for bamboo instruments. Also, a lot of interesting recordings.
Website: http://shakuhachi.com/

Beverly's Pan Flutes

Beverly Pugh gets all sorts of Panpipes. From expensive to cheap. I use all sorts of makes and models and have bought many from her. I don't know if she has a website, but her phone # is 856-455-1098. She plays them great, too. She is also an excellent classical flutist.

Casey Burns Flutes

Casey makes many types of replica flutes from the 19th century. I played one of his instruments for about a year and a half and found them to have a very good sound and excellent intonation. You should note that his standard "Pratten" instrument is far more comfortable to the hand than any other old style instrument, at least it's better than all the other ones I've played. He also makes a small hands model. I think it is the perfect instrument for a western trained flutist who is thinking of getting into the "Celtic Thing".
Website: www.caseyburnsflutes.com

Early Double Reed Service

The legendary instrument builder, reed maker, player, and author. Check it out!
website: http://www.loraine.com Email: reeds@loraine.com

Larry Krantz Flute Pages
Larry has put together something like the "flute central" of the internet. All sorts of useful stuff - check it out by clicking on the link below.

Larry Kranz Flute Pages